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Aloe vera is plant that evolved from Lilly family (in which garlic is also a member) well known for 1000’s of years for its curative and nutritive properties. In modern time Aloe vera is being rediscovered. Now it has gone through many laboratory analysis and controlled clinical tests that assure the effectiveness of its curative properties.


This makes it necessary to subject it to a stabilising process to neutralise the undesirable effects of oxygenation.

“In our product we use stabilized gel of barbadensis miller plants grown in pollution free areas of USA, Mexico and Dominican Republic”.


“From plant to product to you” Our company “Forever living products” (based in Arizona) is a vertically integrated system. We own agriculture and farming, manufacturing, scientists, quality control, packaging and shipping to maintain consumer quality of the product is not compromised at any stage.

Out of more than 200 types of aloe vera that exist, the one that has the greatest nutritional and therapeutic properties is the “Aloe vera Barbadensis”


We also provide bee hive products. Bee Hives are located in Pollution free areas of senora desert in Arizona and in Mountains of Spain. High quality 100% natural Bee Honey, Bee pollen, Royal Jelly and Bee propolis, come from the hive.


The gel which is obtained from leaves by peeling of the skin leaving slimy, sticky, gelatine like tissue containing tremendous medicinal properties. This marvellous get cannot be exposed to the elements (oxygen) for more than two hours since it tends to oxidize easily and start losing its medicinal properties.

We provide 100% satisfaction guaranty on our products. If you are not satisfied you can return the product within 30 days. Your 100% money will be refunded.


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